Comparison of baby rabbit complement to human complement using E. coli OC24452 (O1A)h

Serum sampleOIa with:
2% BRCb5% BRC10% BRC2% HCc
HSd (Sigma)27544080749
Rat pre-278f0000
Rat post-278g00096
Rat pre-378f0000
Rat post-378g00090
  • a OI, opsonization index, which is defined as the serum dilution that kills 50% of bacteria.

  • b BRC, baby rabbit complement.

  • c HC, human complement.

  • d HS, human serum.

  • e HS37, HS38, HS39, and HS40, human serum from 4 different healthy unvaccinated subjects.

  • f Serum from rats 278 and 378 prior to vaccination with ExPEC4V vaccine.

  • g Serum from rats 278 and 378 after vaccination with ExPEC4V vaccine.

  • h The nonspecific killing obtained with 2%, 5%, or 10% BRC or 2% HC was 9%, 23%, 57%, or 25%, respectively. The nonspecific killing obtained with 16.5% BRC was 98%, so OI titers could not be determined.