Summary of HDX analysis of RiVax bound by cluster I to IV MAbs

MAbClusterStrongly protected elements of RiVaxa
Peptide no.Residue no.Secondary structure(s)
PB10I34–36, 38–4194–107α-Helix B
R70 34–4194–107α-Helix B
WECB2 32–3694–107α-Helix B
3895–107α-Helix B
43–44110–122β-Strand h
SyH7II2–414–24α-Helix A
80–86184–207α-Helix F, α-helix G
PA1 80–85184–204α-Helix F, α-helix G
TB12 16–1860–69β-Strand d
66155–164α-Helices D-E
PH12 17–1962–69β-Strand d
65–66154–164α-Helices D-E
IB2III46–50121–135α-Helix C
52129–135α-Helix C
88, 89, 91207–217α-Helix G
GD12IV8, 9, 11–1335–59β-Strands b, c, and d
JD4 123–125251–255
  • a Peptides and corresponding residues on RiVax are indicated in Table S1.