Melting temperatures and results of thermal shift assays with purified nonlipidated recombinant AfeA

SampleCationTm (°C)aΔTm (°C)b
Nonlipidated AfeA alone 53.1, 76.7
+1 mM MgCl2Mg2+53.6, 76.90.5
+1 mM MnCl2Mn2+76.423.3
+1 mM ZnCl2Zn2+77.124.0
+1 mM Fe(NO3)3Fe3+76.823.7
+1 mM FeCl3Fe3+76.723.6
+1 mM FeCl2Fe2+76.723.6
  • a Tm, melting temperature. Two values indicate peaks at two temperatures due to trace cations in buffers.

  • b ΔTm, thermal shift.