Developmental characteristics and infectivity of P. berghei-P. falciparum CSP-FL CD8CT transgenic parasites in A. stephensi mosquitoesa

Parasite% of midguts infectedNo. of oocysts/midgut% of salivary glands infectedNo. of sporozoites/salivary gland (103)Prepatent period (days) (SD)b
P. berghei-P. falciparum CSP-FL CD8CT87.5060.33809.54.4 (0.502)
P. berghei-P. falciparum CSP-FL70.5883.2585104.6 (0.767)
P. berghei ANKA80.2055.2575104.7 (0.788)
  • a The data are means for 3 experiments, with at least 20 mosquitoes examined in each experiment.

  • b Three infected mosquitoes were allowed to feed on C57BL/6 mice (n = 5) for 3 min. Blood-stage parasitemia was assessed 5 days later, and 100% of mice were infected for all groups. SD, standard deviation.