Protein-based vaccines for the prevention of group B meningococcal disease

Proprietary nameOther names or descriptionsManufacturerPresentationActive ingredients (per dose)aAmt (μg)Adjuvant
Bexsero4CMenB meningococcal group B vaccine (rDNA, component, adsorbed)GSK VaccinesSingle dose, liquid suspension in a prefilled syringeOMV from NZ98/25425 total proteinAl(OH)3
rNHBA fusion protein500.5 mg of Al3+
rNadA protein50
rFHbp fusion protein50
TrumenbarLP2086 meningococcal group B vaccine (rDNA, bivalent, lipidated component, adsorbed)PfizerSingle dose, liquid suspension in a prefilled syringeTwo antigenic variants of lipidated rFHbp60 each proteinAlPO4, 0.25 mg of Al3+
  • a rNHBA, recombinant Neisseria heparin-binding antigen; rNadA, recombinant Neisseria adhesin A; rFHbp, recombinant factor H binding protein.