Serial testing of serum from PCR-positive casesa

SampleSex/age (yr)bCT valuePrimary vaccine seriesaP boostDate (mo/day/yr) of:Time from symptom onset to sampleACT ELISA (U/ml)TNA (%)dPT ELISA (U/ml)
Last vaccinationApprox symptom onsetc
V002AF/1426.35 aP+03/14/1108/25/142 wk31.584.5357
V002BF/148 wk47.3100300
V002CF/1516 mo30.497.160.2
V003AM/17HCe5 aP+08/14/0809/15/144 wk44.8100640
V003BM/1710 wk24.892.7512
V003CM/1817 mo3.591.3110
V011AM/2234.53 wP, 2 aP+04/27/0707/31/155 days4.207.4
V011BM/224 wk30.695.5413
V011CM/224.5 mo22.392.1182
V015AF/1532.75 aP+08/07/1209/28/151 wk13.361.386.7
V015BF/155 wk21.760.4276
  • a Bolded values are considered positive (data for normal controls are given in Table 2). Data represent the mean of the results from each sample tested in duplicate (ELISA) or triplicate (TNA).

  • b F, female; M, male.

  • c At onset of clinical illness, all subjects reported symptoms consistent with pertussis.

  • d Percent toxin neutralization using a 1:50 final serum dilution, as described in Materials and Methods.

  • e HC, sample was from a household contact of subject V002 with clinical symptoms of pertussis.