Demographic and clinical details of study participantsa

CharacteristicControlsCerebral malariaSevere malarial anemiaUncomplicated malaria
No. of participants42293054
No. who died after recruitment 410
No. reviewed in convalescence 182134
Sex (M:F)29:1310:1919:1138:16
Age (mo)20 (5–76)30 (5–84)23 (5–38)27 (6–58)
No. of parasites/μl blood041,800 (900–517,000)3,500 (20–296,000)52,300 (460–768,000)
Blantyre coma score51 (0–2)55
Hemoglobin concn (g/dl)11.2 (7.0–14.1)7.7 (5.3–12.5)3.9 (2.4–4.9)9.3 (5.0–13.0)
  • a Subjects were children with cerebral malaria, severe malarial anemia, and uncomplicated malaria presenting to the Pediatric Accident and Emergency Clinic at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. Control subjects were children admitted for elective surgical procedures who were medically healthy. Values are medians (ranges). These participants' details have been published previously (6).