Serum from PCR-positive cases 4 to 9 weeks after symptom onseta

SampleSex/age (yr)bCT valuePrimary vaccine seriesaP boostDate (mo/day/yr) of:Time from symptom onset to sample (wk)ACT ELISA (U/ml)TNA (%)dPT ELISA (U/ml)
Last vaccinationApprox symptom onsetc
V002F/1426.35 aP+03/14/1108/25/14847.3100300
V003M/17HCe5 aP+08/14/0808/11/14444.8100640
V006F/1828.15 ap+07/08/0805/15/1564.8024.1
V007M/1614.05 aP+07/20/1005/28/15463.9100464
V008F/1727.85 aP+08/08/1105/28/15530.585.4184
V009M/1220.65 aP08/06/0805/05/15893.7100215
V010M/1323.25 aP+10/14/1206/01/15515610073.8
V011M/2234.53 wP, 2 aP+04/27/0707/26/15430.695.5413
V012M/1529.05 aP+08/30/1005/07/15945.585.4803
V013F/1819.55 ap+07/10/0806/17/15923.669.8329
V014M/1332.95 aP+08/23/1307/01/1579.819.394.1
V015F/1532.75 aP+08/07/1209/21/15521.760.4276
V016F/1436.25 aP+01/18/1209/20/15654.397.4170
V017F/1517.55 aP+01/14/1110/23/15644.498.0290
V018M/1531.95 aP+06/28/1110/22/1570.7101,404
V019F/1729.85 aP+08/18/0911/01/15530.081.1563
V020M/1727.55 aP+04/23/1011/14/1543.280293
V021M/1432.15 aP+02/13/1310/12/1570.7501,040
  • a Bolded values are considered positive (see Table 2 for data from normal controls). Data represent the mean of the results from each sample tested in duplicate (ELISA) or triplicate (TNA).

  • b F, female; M, male.

  • c At onset of clinical illness, all subjects reported symptoms consistent with pertussis.

  • d Percent toxin neutralization using a 1:50 final serum dilution, as described in Materials and Methods.

  • e HC, sample was from a household contact of subject V002 with clinical symptoms of pertussis.