Immunization with dimeric OspC protects mice against tick challenge

ChallengeGroupNo. of mice infected/total no.No. of tissues infected/total no.a% mice protected
Needle inoculation with B31 5A4Alum12/1257/600
M-OspCB31 + alum12/1256/600
D-OspCB31 + alum0/120/60100
Bite of B31-infected ticksAlum9/11b36/4420
M-OspCB31 + alum5/6b20/2417
D-OspCB31 + alum0/10b0/40100
  • a Ear, joint, bladder, and heart tissues were analyzed for the presence of viable Borrelia bacteria in all animals as well as skin from the injection site of needle-inoculated animals.

  • b Mice for which no Borrelia-infected fed ticks could be detected after challenge were disregarded.