IgG antibody responses in serum samples from index herd in relation to skin test status

Blood sample datea and skin test status (no. of samples)% Antibody positivebTotal % positivec
18 March 2014
    SICTT positive (14)10010010010010078.6100
    SICTT negative (433)
    Total (447)78.781.772.364.046.811.278.5
22 May 2014
    SIT positive (74)41.963.555.454.143.237.864.9
    SIT negative (133)27.8d31.6f36.1d30.8d17.3f24.842.1e
    Total (207)32.943.
  • a SICTT was performed in March and blood samples were taken 8 days after PPD-B injection, while SIT was performed in May and blood samples were taken 3 days after PPD-B injection.

  • b Values showing statistically significant differences between skin test-positive and -negative animals are in bold.

  • c Positive, antibodies to two or more antigens.

  • d P < 0.05.

  • e P < 0.001.

  • f P < 0.0001.