Bacterial persistence and clearance in internal organs of chickens inoculated with JOL1587

Group and organaNo. of positive samples/total no. of samplesb
1 dayc3 days7 days14 days21 days
Group A
Group B
Group C
  • a Group A, PBS-treated control group; group B, chickens orally inoculated with JOL1587 (Δlon ΔcpxR); group C, chickens intramuscularly inoculated with JOL1587 (Δlon ΔcpxR).

  • b Number of positive samples per total number of samples observed with the enrichment culture method.

  • c Days postinoculation.

  • d Significantly greater number of S. Senftenberg-positive chickens in the immunized group, compared to the control group, postinoculation (P ≤ 0.05).