Results of visit-specific ROC curve analysisa

VisitCutoff (pg/ml)Area under the curveSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Relative risk (95% CI)
Acute phase, pretreatment186.170.6055541.33 (0.44–4.00)
Posttreatment follow-up100.580.7964683.00 (0.96–9.35)
1-mo follow-up111.670.85828312.60 (2.97–53.43)
3-mo follow-up114.120.7773745.44 (1.58–18.75)
6-mo follow-up104.940.7664652.68 (0.86–8.38)
1-yr follow-up91.360.8355742.77 (0.94–8.15)
  • a The area under the curve, sensitivity, specificity, and relative risk of development of PTLDS are shown for each visit using cutoffs identified as the intersection of the sensitivity and specificity plots (not shown).