Demographic characteristics of 76 participants with early Lyme disease and 26 healthy controls

CharacteristicLyme disease patientsaHealthy controls (n = 26)P value for all Lyme disease patients vs controlsb
PTLDS (n = 11)Symptoms only (n = 29)Return to health (n = 36)Total (n = 76)P valueb
P vs SP vs RS vs R
% participants of female sex72.7348.2841.6748.680.290.070.5953.850.65
Age (yr)
% non-Hispanic white participants81.8296.5594.4493.420.180.231.0088.460.42
  • a Lyme disease participants were grouped by clinical outcome (PTLDS [P], symptoms only [S], and return to health [R]) using a previously published definition incorporating both persistent symptoms and functional impact (25).

  • b Significance was determined by the chi-square or Fisher's exact test for female sex and non-Hispanic white and the Wilcoxon rank sum test for age.

  • c IQR, interquartile range.