Protection of mice from infection by syringe-inoculated B. burgdorferi B31-A3 by passive immunizationa

Serum from mice immunized with:No. of mice protected/total
Δp66 bacteria5/5c
p66cp bacteria5/5c
  • a Naive mice received 0.1 ml of serum from immunized mice intraperitoneally on day −1, were subcutaneously challenged with 1 × 105 B. burgdorferi B31-A3 bacteria on day 0, and were reimmunized on day 2. Mice were harvested on day 14, and organs were cultured to check infectivity. Mice passively immunized with Δp66 or p66cp bacteria were compared to the PBS-immunized controls with Fisher's exact test in GraphPad Prism.

  • b One mouse was not infected in this group.

  • c P < 0.01.