IgG3m15 and IgG3m17 anti-FHbp MAbs show binding affinity similar to that of IgG3 and IgG1 anti-FHbp MAbs as measured by SPRa

MAbka (1/Ms)kd (1/s)KDχ2
MAb502 IgG11.23 E+60.00635.12 E−91.97
MAb502 IgG31.46 E+60.00654.57 E−93.98
MAb502 IgGm151.05E+60.00615.75 E−93.06
MAb502 IgG1m171.06 E+60.00656.10 E−93.77
JAR3 IgG11.92 E+60.00070.36 E−95.60
JAR3 IgG31.94 E+60.00160.84 E−90.15
JAR3 IgG3m172.80 E+60.00210.76 E−92.56
  • a The data shown are the mean values for 2 replicates performed in two independent experiments. KD, equilibrium dissociation constant; ka, association rate constant; kd, dissociation rate constant; χ2, quality of the fit of a 1:1 binding model to the data. The JAR3 IgG3m15 MAb construct was not expressed by the cell line, and the anti-PorA P1.16 MAbs were not tested because we lacked recombinant PorA that expressed the P1.16 epitope.