Estimated tetanus vaccination and protection at birth coverage among parous women aged 15 to 39 years during last pregnancy in Cambodia in 2012

PopulationTotalcTT2+aProtected at birthb
No.%LCLfUCLgP valueNo.%LCLfUCLgP value
    Phnom Penh2611927260830.001d2168375880.001d
Risk level
Age (yr)
  • a Defined as receipt of ≥2 TT doses during last pregnancy or 1 dose during last pregnancy and ≥1 prior dose by card or recall.

  • b Defined as receipt of ≥2 TT doses during the last pregnancy or a total of ≥2 doses prior to the last pregnancy by card or recall. The latter part of this simplified definition is based on results reported by Deming et al., where 30 (94%) of 32 newborns were born within the period of protection afforded by the prepregnancy doses (35).

  • c Number of parous women responding about their last pregnancies, which occurred during 1992 to 2012.

  • d Groups were statistically significantly different by Rao-Scott chi-square test.

  • e NC, not calculated. Because of sparse data for parous women aged 15 to 19 years, 95% CIs and P values for differences across age groups were not calculated.

  • f LCL, lower confidence limit.

  • g UCL, upper confidence limit.