Performance of the HISCL anti-TP assay compared with other treponemal assays based on CLIA

AssayAntigen(s)Antibody target(s)Sample vol (μl)Assay time (min)Throughput time (h)
HISCL anti-TPTpN15, TpN17, TpN47IgG, IgM2017200
Elecsys syphilis (17)TpN15, TpN17, TpN47IgG, IgM1018170
Architect syphilis TP (4, 27, 28)TpN15, TpN17, TpN47IgG, IgM3029200
Liaison Treponema pallidum specific (24, 29)TpN17IgG, IgM8040180
Chemclin CLIA (30)TpN15, TpN17, TpN47naana≥60na
Immulite syphilis screen (9)Tp17na10035na
  • a na, not applicable.