Targeted serum analysisa

MarkerGeometric avg/group (n):FDR for comparison:
Past resolved (10)Acute (43)Vascular chronic (31)Past resolved with acutePast resolved with vascular chronicAcute with vascular chronic
IFN-γ (pg/ml)1.7512.302.72<0.0010.320<0.001
IL-18 (pg/ml)3255937610.005<0.0010.062
IP-10 (pg/ml)43.0161.393.3<0.0010.0230.004
TGF-β1 (ng/ml)112.5141.411.90.0550.029<0.001
TGF-β2 (pg/ml)577769209<0.0010.050<0.001
  • a Serum markers were measured in three clinical groups: past resolved Q fever group, acute Q fever group, and vascular chronic Q fever group.