In vitro neutralization capacity of purified JWW-1 and JWW-2 monoclonal antibodiesa

HPV luciferase reporterMonoclonal antibodyIC50 (95% CI) (nM)
HPV6RG-1>200 (NA)
JWW-1>200 (NA)
JWW-2160 (22–1,192)
Human IgG control>200 (NA)
HPV16RG-1<0.27 (NA)
JWW-10.4 (0.2–0.88)
JWW-24.8 (3.3–6.9)
Human IgG control>200 (NA)
HPV26RG-13.2 (2.1–4.9)
JWW-1<0.27 (NA)
JWW-2>200 (NA)
Human IgG control>200 (NA)
HPV45RG-1>200 (NA)
JWW-16.6 (2.3–19)
JWW-271 (5.2–980)
Human IgG control>200 (NA)
HPV58RG-1>200 (NA)
JWW-167 (10–510)
JWW-275 (12–480)
Rat IgG control>200 (NA)
  • a Shown is a summary of the 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) (95% confidence interval [CI]) of purified monoclonal antibodies RG-1, JWW-1, JWW-2, and a negative-control human IgG determined using the FC-PBNA against HPV6/16/26/45/58 pseudovirions using a starting antibody concentration of 200 nM (30 μg/ml). NA, not applicable.