Chlamydia proteins with antibody-reactive regions suitable for molecular serology

ProteinLocus tagaSequence identity range (%)bNo. of peptides evaluatedcNo. of ARRs identifieddReferencese
OmpA/MOMP (outer membrane protein A)CT_68165–86126644, 58, 6062, 64, 66, 7477
PmpD (polymorphic outer membrane protein D)CT_81233–87129558, 60, 62, 66, 77, 79
CT618 (inclusion membrane protein CT618)CT_61823–724135961
IncA (inclusion membrane protein A)CT_11912–8018215965, 81
CT529 (inclusion membrane protein CT529)CT_52931–883315962, 64
CrpA/Srp (cysteine-rich outer membrane protein A)CT_44220–88*1625964
IncG (inclusion membrane protein G)CT_11841–45†1715960
OmcB/Omp2 (outer membrane cysteine-rich protein B)CT_44371–9924244, 58, 6062, 64, 7778
TarP (translocated actin-recruiting phosphoprotein)CT_45624–9220160, 6263, 66, 82
IncE (inclusion membrane protein E)CT_11653–59†515962, 64
  • a That is, the gene locus tag in the genome of C. trachomatis strain D/UW-3/CX.

  • b Range of pairwise sequence identities among the nine Chlamydia spp. *, homolog not found in C. felis; †, homologs to the C. trachomatis protein found only in C. muridarum and C. suis.

  • c Peptides were tested with mouse hyperimmune sera. Peptides from the following proteins did not react with mouse sera: CtrCpaf, CtrFtsH, CtrIncB, CtrIncC, CtrIncD, CtrLcrE, CtrIncF, CtrPmpB, CtrPmpC, CtrPkn5, CtrCT058, CtrCT089, CtrCT143, CtrCT147, CtrCT223, CtrCT226, CtrCT228, CtrCT228, CtrCT241, CtrCT381, CtrCT484, CtrCT541, CtrCT561, CtrCT579, CtrCT603, CtrCT619, CtrCT694, CtrCT741, CtrCT795, CtrCT813, CtrCT823, CtrCT875, Cpn0808, CpnPmp2, CpnPmp6, CpnPmp10, CpnPdhC, CpnPorB, CpnRecA, CpnRpsA, CpnRpsB, CpnYscC, CpnYscL, CpnYwbM, CpnCT858, Cpn0525, Cab063, CabCT058, CabCT541, CabIncAf, CabPmp15G, CpeCT143, CpeORF663, and CmuCT228.

  • d Antibody-reactive regions (ARRs) that were identified with mouse sera.

  • e Key references are cited.