Performances of the ELISA detection of anti-S. boydii catalase A1 antibodies for serodiagnosis of infections caused by the S. apiospermum complex in CF patientsa

Serum sample resultNo. of patients with ELISA result from group:
A (n = 20)B (n = 19)B1 (n = 11)B2 (n = 8)C (n = 25)
  • a Sensitivity, 100%; specificity, 97.44%; positive predictive value, 96.15%; negative predictive value, 100%. Serum samples were obtained from CF patients without clinical or biological signs of fungal infections and without any fungus recovered from sputum samples (group A), with A. fumigatus the sole filamentous fungus recovered from sputum samples and with serum antibodies directed toward A. fumigatus but not S. boydii by routine procedures (group B: B1, patients without anti-A. fumigatus catalase antibodies; B2, patients with anti-A. fumigatus catalase antibodies), and CF patients colonized by species of the S. apiospermum complex and exhibiting serum antibodies directed toward S. boydii but not A. fumigatus (group C).