Adverse events, outcomes, and clinical features of influenza-like illness in vaccinated and unvaccinated study groups

Clinical featureaData (%) for:P valuea
Vaccinated (n = 3)Unvaccinated (n = 9)
Spontaneous abortion0.00.0
Artificial abortion0.00.0
Postnatal deaths0.00.0
Premature birth0.00.0
Prolonged pregnancy0.00.0
Low birth wt0.00.0
Delivery mode
    Cesarean delivery0.00.0
Birth wt0.750
     <3,500 g33.355.6
    ≥3,500 g66.744.4
Apgar score0.127
Main clinical feature
    Sore throat33.388.90.127
Median duration of disease (days)560.196b
  • a Values are exact probabilities unless noted otherwise.

  • b Wilcoxon rank sum test (z = −1.293).