Comparison of results from the RIBA and Geenius HIV assays

Sample type and HIV statusnNo. with each RIBA resultNo. with each Geenius result
Retrospective clinical samplesa
    HIV-1 positive2300230023
    HIV-2 positive1001001
    HIV-1 and HIV-2 positive1001001
    HIV negative2525002410
Acute HIV infectionb5050212
Acute HIV seroconversion panelb
    1:e sample10910802
    2:e sample10055406
Prospective clinical samples793534137042
  • a HIV status for the retrospectively analyzed positive samples was based on results from follow-up testing confirming HIV infection with RIBA or HIV RNA/DNA. HIV status for the retrospectively analyzed negative samples was based on negative results for both HIV antigen assay tests and follow-up tests. These include samples from 10 blood donors.

  • b Acute-phase HIV infection status was based on indeterminate or negative RIBA results, a positive HIV antigen assay result, and documented HIV seroconversion in follow-up samples.