Acute flaccid paralysis and contact cases associated with type 2 cVDPV in Sichuan, China

CaseAge (yr)/sexSourceNo. of doses of OPVDate of onsetDate of stool specimen collectionDiagnosisNo. (%) of VP1 nucleotide substitutionsVirus type
CHN152610.7/maleAFP020 Aug 201120 Sep 2011Laboratory-confirmed polio case5 (0.6)Pre-VDPV
CHN152840.9/femaleAFP015 Oct 201118 Oct 2011Laboratory-confirmed polio case6 (0.7)VDPV
CHN160031.1/femaleAFP07 Jan 201219 Jan 2012Laboratory-confirmed polio case8 (0.9)VDPV
CHN160170.8/maleAFP06 Feb 201223 Feb 2012Laboratory-confirmed polio case11 (1.2)VDPV
CHN16019c4.0/maleContact of case CHN16003Unknown8 Feb 20128 Feb 2012Non-AFP10 (1.1)VDPV