Characteristics of anti-HPV type-specific monoclonal antibodies

MAbHPV typeIsotypeFunction in assaysa
H31.5F1231IgG1, κCapture
H31.5D1031IgG2b, κDetection
H33.5D433IgG1, κCapture
H33.6G933IgG2b, κDetection
H45.6G645IgG2b, κCapture
H45.10B445IgG1, κDetection
H52.8D1152IgG2b, κCapture
H52.9F752IgG2a, κDetection
H58.2C358IgG1, κCapture
H58.6E1158IgG2b, κDetection
  • a Antibodies are used either to capture virus-like particles on the ELISA plate or to detect the bound VLP on the plate or bead.