Sensitivity and specificity of ELISA when multiple proteins were evaluated

Assay result and proteins used% Sensitivity% Specificity
Two to four proteins were evaluated, and all were positive (positive ELISA)
    rLipL21 and rLoa2271.0297.69
    rLipL21 and rLipL3268.7593.08
    rLipL21 and rLigACon4-873.8693.85
    rLoa22 and rLipL3265.3497.69
    rLoa22 and rLigACon4-870.4597.69
    rLipL32 and rLigACon4-866.4893.85
    rLipL21, rLoa22, and rLipL3260.2399.23
    rLipL21, rLipL32, and rLigACon4-860.8096.15
    rLoa22, rLipL32, and rLigACon4-860.2399.23
    rLipL21, rLoa22, LipL32, and rLigACon4-855.68100.00
One of two, three, or four proteins was positive, and the result was considered positive
    LipL21 and Loa2291.4878.46
    LipL21 and LipL3293.7576.92
    LipL21 and LigACon4-893.1876.15
    Loa22 and LipL3290.3480.77
    Loa22 and LigACon4-889.7780.77
    LipL32 and LigACon4-893.7578.46
    LipL21, Loa22, and LipL3295.4573.08
    LipL21, LipL32, and LigACon4-896.5971.54
    LipL22, LipL32, and LigACon4-896.0274.62
    LipL21, Loa22, LipL32, and LigACon4-897.1667.69