Survival times of recombinant L. acidophilus GIM 1.208/pMG36e-hp0410 in the mouse gastrointestinal tract after immunization

Treatment groupOrigin primerNo. of mice with genea
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
L. acidophilus GIM 1.208/pMG36e-hp0410Hp0410 gene101080
pMG36e plasmid101070
L. acidophilus GIM 1.208/pMG36eHp0410 gene0000
pMG36e plasmid101070
  • a Results are expressed as the number of mice of the total of 10 immunized in which the Hp0410 gene and pMG36e plasmid could be detected in fecal DNA using a TIANamp Bacteria DNA kit.