Peak anti-Fim2 and anti-Fim3 IgG concentrations after onset of pertussis in children who had previously received 3 doses of vaccinea

Vaccine groupNo. of childrenGMb (EU/ml)95% confidence interval of GM
DTaP5 anti-Fim213189.1111.8–319.7
DTaP5 anti-Fim31317.27.0–42.0
DTaP5 anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio1311.04.3–28.2
DTwP anti-Fim216118.959.8–236.8
DTwP anti-Fim31649.428.186.7
DTwP anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio162.41.4–4.3
DTaP2 anti-Fim2464.93.8–6.2
DTaP2 anti-Fim3467.15.7–8.8
DTaP2 anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio460.70.6–0.8
DT anti-Fim2166.93.6–13.0
DT anti-Fim31613.56.5–28.1
DT anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio160.50.4–0.7
  • a The subjects listed here represent the 79 subjects in Table 2 plus 12 others for whom the preexposure samples were no longer available.

  • b GM, geometric mean.