Anti-Fim2 and anti-Fim3 IgG in predisease serum samples from Sweden trial I and anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio 6 months after dose 3 in a 2-, 4-, and 6-month vaccination schedulea

Vaccine groupNo. of childrenGMb (EU/ml)95% confidence interval of GM
DTaP5 anti-Fim21314.07.1–27.4
DTaP5 anti-Fim3133.81.8–8.1
DTaP5 anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio133.72.0–6.7
DTwP anti-Fim21212.77.1–22.7
DTwP anti-Fim3125.93.6–9.8
DTwP anti-Fim2/anti-Fim3 ratio122.11.3–3.5
DTaP2 anti-Fim2421.11.0–1.3
DTaP2 anti-Fim3421.00.8–1.2
DT anti-Fim2121.10.9–1.3
DT anti-Fim 3120.70.5–1.0
  • a Values below MLD were set to 1 for anti-Fim2 and to 0.5 for anti-Fim3.

  • b GM, geometric mean.