Table 1

Bacterial and viral strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant property(ies)aReference
E. coli strains
    I297Recombinant E. coli strain expressing K99 fimbria29
    BL21B F ompT hsdS(rB mB) gal dcmGE Healthcare
    9196BL21/pFanC-STa-E2This study
    9210BL21/pMAL-E2This study
BVDV strain
    NADLBovine viral diarrhea virus 1; NADL strainATCC VR-534
    pK99pBR322 with a cloned 7.1-kb K99 BamHI fragment29
    pET28aExpression vector, His-tagged, T7, lacI, KanrNovagen
    pMAL-p5XExpression vector with MBP, tac, IacIq, AmprNew England Biolabs
    pFanC-STa-E2pET28a with a cloned FanC-STa-E2 chimeric fusionThis study
    pMAL-E2pMAL-p5X with a cloned BVDV E2 geneThis study
  • a Kanr, kanamycin resistant; Ampr, ampicillin resistant.