Table 3

Population characteristics of the eight mother-teenager pairs with either HBI teenagers or HBsAg-negative HBI mothersa

M-T pairsSex (T)Age in yr (M/T)ALT, U/liter (M/T)Case (M/T)HBsAg/HBeAgb (M)HBsAg/anti-HBs/anti-HBc (M)HBsAg/anti-HBs/anti-HBc (T)Booster at age in yr (T)Anti-HBs, IU/literb (7 mo/12 mo/13 yr, T)HBV DNA, IU/ml (M/T)HBV-SG (M/T)Genotype/serotype/mutation (M, T)
73G38.8/13.721/13hpHBI/hpHBI+/++/−/++/−/+NoND/ND/7.81.03 × 104/<5s/NDB/adw/wt, ND
78B41.0/13.814/15hnHBI/hnHBI−/−−/+/+−/+/−5.751003.5/58.8/372.01.42 × 104/7.83 × 101s/sC/adr/wt, C/adr/Q129R
102G37.8/13.945/11non-HBI/hnHBI−/−−/−/−−/+/−5.9259.7/109.4/2.1<5/5.58 × 102ND/sND, C/adr/K141E
18B39.2 13.66hnHBI/non-HBI−/−−/+/+−/+/−6.17ND/31.1/32.33.02 × 102/<5s/NDB/adw/F161N, ND
36G37.9/13.77hnHBI/non-HBI−/−−/−/+−/−/−10.92ND/ND/6.26.25 × 105/<5s/NDC/adr/wt, ND
38B37.7/13.820hnHBI/non-HBI−/−−/+/+−/−/−No26.5/45.49/<2.01.28 × 102/<5s/NDC/adr/wt, ND
39B38.2/13.88hnHBI/non-HBI−/−−/−/+−/−/−4.92688.9/5136.9/2.11.08 × 102/<5s/NDC/adr/Q129R, ND
42B38.4/13.611hnHBI/non-HBI−/−−/+/+−/+/−4.75ND/920.0/3281.92 × 102/<5s/NDC/adr/wt, ND
  • a HBI, hepatitis B virus infection; HBV, hepatitis B virus; anti-HBs, antibody to hepatitis B virus surface antigen; anti-HBc, antibody to hepatitis B virus core antigen; M, mother; T, teenager; G, girl; B, boy; ND, not detectable; wt, wild type; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; HBV-SG, HBV surface gene.

  • b The results were from 1996 to 1997.