Table 1

AIV strains used in the studya

Strain namebSubtypePhenotyped
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 21-1/08H4N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 4-12/09H5N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 30--20/10H1N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 38-16/10H10N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 2-17/10H9N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 4-6/10H3N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 37-8/11H1N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 37-27/11H6N1LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 26-16/12H7N1LP
Spot billed duck/CSM 31-19/09H5N2LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 2-5/09H9N2LP
Wbf/Kr/MHC 5-7/09H4N2LP
Bean goose/Kr/CSM 8-24/09H9N2LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 10-14/09H6N2LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 13-26/10H3N2LP
Whooper swan/Kr/CSM 20-20/10H11N2LP
Mandarin/Kr/PSC 24-13/10H5N2LP
Pink footed goose/Kr/SH 37-49/11H1N2LP
Duck/Kr/BC 10/07cH7N3LP
Wbf/Kr/SH 29/06H1N3LP
Wbf/Kr/SYG 41/06H5N3LP
Wbf/Kr/NHG 185/08H1N3LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 38-48/10H11N3LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 26-36/12H11N3LP
Wild duck/Kr/MHC 21-46/12H1N3LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 24-48/12H7N3LP
Wbf/Kr/PSC 13-43/08cH8N4LP
Wbf/Kr/GG 82/04H8N4LP
Wbf/Kr/GS 66/05H10N4LP
Wbf/Kr/SH 16/06H10N4LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 12-7/08cH10N5LP
Wbf/Kr/CW 79/05H6N5LP
Wbf/Kr/PJ 83/05H6N5LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 38-10/10H6N5LP
Duck/Kr/U 10-2/07cH3N6LP
Mallard/Kr/SH 26-15/09H4N6LP
Mallard/Kr/CSM 27-12/09H7N6LP
Spot billed duck/CSM 27-15/09H4N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 2-11/09H6N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 2-3/10H3N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/MHC 7-7/10H4N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/MHC 25-1/12H1N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 28-22/12H4N6LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 28-37/12H4N6LP
Magpie/Kr/YJD 174/07cH7N7LP
Common teal/Kr/MHC 5-8/09H7N7LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 38-36/10H10N7LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 41-33/11H7N7LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 42-36/11H10N7LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 42-36/11H10N7LP
Duck/Kr/GJ 79/07cH3N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 2-21/09H3N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/MHC 5-33/09H3N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 11-1/09H3N8LP
Pacific black duck/Kr/PSC 10-27/10H3N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 18-15/10H5N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 26-1/12H1N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 26-28/12H1N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 26-43/12H1N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 27-1/12H3N8LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 20-27/08cH7N9LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 22-3/09H11N9LP
Wild duck/Kr/PSC 18-28/10H11N9LP
Wild duck/Kr/SH 19-27/10H7N9LP
Wild duck/Kr/MHC 39-13/11H7N9LP
Wild duck/Kr/CSM 42-1/11H7N9LP
  • a All viruses were isolated from wild birds or poultry in Korea.

  • b Kr, Korea; Wbf, wild bird feces.

  • c Viruses used as reference AIVs for expressing the recombinant neuraminidase proteins. Accession numbers of NA sequences: N1, GQ412064; N2, JX094860; N3, JX679161; N4, JX679162; N5, JX679163; N6, JN087162; N7, FJ750856; N8, JN087250; N9, JX679164.

  • d HP, highly pathogenic influenza virus; LP, low-pathogenic influenza virus.