Table 7

Comparison of results from UAD assay and BinaxNOW assay in bacteremic and nonbacteremic CAP

CAP casesNo. of casesUAD assayBinaxNOW S. pneumoniae urine antigen test
No. of positive samplesNo. of negative samplesSensitivity compared to blood culture (%)No. of positive samplesdSensitivity compared to blood culture (%)
Total blood culture positive (bacteremic CAP)69343534
    S. pneumoniae positive
    Prevnar 13 serotypes34331972367.6
    Non-Prevnar 13 serotypes17017NAe847.1
    Non-S. pneumoniae15015NA1NA
Total blood culture negative (nonbacteremic CAP)707141566NA126cNA
Total CAP (bacteremic and nonbacteremic)776175a601NA160bNA
  • a 22.6% (175/776) of total CAP samples were UAD assay positive.

  • b 20.6% (160/776) of total CAP samples were BinaxNOW assay positive.

  • c Seventy-one of the 126 BinaxNOW-positive samples (nonbacteremic CAP) were also UAD assay positive.

  • d 12.1% (23 + 71/776) of all BinaxNOW-positive samples were also UAD positive (Prevnar 13 serotypes).

  • e NA, not applicable.