Table 2

Sensitivities and specificities of the Vidas VCA/EA IgG and Liaison VCA IgG + EA IgG assaysa

Expected EBV status in referenced assayVidas VCA/EA IgGLiaison VCA IgG + EA IgGLiaison minus Vidas (%) (95% CI)
Sensitivity or specificity (%)b (95% CI)False neg or pos (no.)Eq (no.)Sensitivity or specificity (%)b (95% CI)False neg or pos (no.)Eq (no.)
Past infection (n = 183)96.2 (93.4–99.0)5294.5 (91.2–97.8)28c−1.7 (−5.33 to 1.70)
Primary infection (n = 133)89.0 (83.7–94.3)51194.0 (90.0–98.0)71c5.0 (0.30 to 12.27)*
Total (n = 316)92.7 (89.8-95.6)101394.3 (91.7–96.9)991.6 (−2.66 to 3.76)
EBV seronegative (n = 157)99.4 (98.2–100.0)01100 (100.0–100.0)000.6 (−1.81 to 3.52)
  • a False neg or pos, false negative (with past infection and primary infection samples) or false positive (with EBV-seronegative samples); no., number of samples; Eq, equivocal (considered false positive for specificity and false negative for sensitivity); CI, confidence interval; *, statistically significant.

  • b Percentages for samples from patients with EBV-seronegative samples are percent specificities. Percentages for the other samples are percent sensitivities.

  • c Equivocal only in the EA IgG test.