Table 6

Characteristics of discrepant profiles with the Vidas assay

Expected EBV status in reference assayVidas EBV status
EBV seronegativePrimary infectionPast infectionIsolated VCA/EA IgGIndeterminate
Primary infection (n = 186)90815a
Past infection (n = 164)0058b
EBV seronegative (n = 157)4003c
  • a Data represent 4 sera with isolated equivocal VCA/EA IgG and 11 positives for all three markers.

  • b Data represent 5 positives for all three markers and 3 sera with isolated EBNA IgG.

  • c Data represent 1 serum sample with isolated equivocal VCA/EA IgG and 2 with isolated EBNA IgG.