Table 2

Risk of infection for contacts with detectable CtxB- and LPS-specific MBC relative to those without detectable MBC

MBC detectedaRisk ratio95% CIcP value
CtxB IgG
    All contacts1.020.46–2.300.954
    Contacts with d2 vibriocidal titer < 1600.660.257–1.710.398
CtxB IgA
    All contacts1.160.50–2.700.737
    Contacts with d2 vibriocidal titer < 1601.290.47–3.550.619
    All contactsb0.320.11–0.940.032
    Contacts with d2 vibriocidal titer < 1600.370.12–1.160.081
    All contacts0.820.38–1.790.617
    Contacts with d2 vibriocidal titer < 1600.770.31–1.890.570
  • a d, day.

  • b A significant decrease in risk was seen in contacts with detectable LPS-specific IgG MBC by Mann-Whitney U test.

  • c CI, confidence interval.