Table 1

Summary statistics for three peptide-KLH conjugatesa

95th percentile5,26214,66414,48010,69726,67618,981
Median intensity1,0661,0785,2263,5136,2503,289
Blank featureb2646111,8891,2792,3691,369
Dynamic rangec19.9324.007.678.3611.269.68
Immunogen rankd26 (100)10 (100)2 (100)2 (100)41 (100)38 (100)
  • a Microarray summary statistics were calculated using GeneSpring (version 7.3.1) and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 software. Raw fluorescence intensities from the average of triplicate arrays were used. BALB/c mice were immunized with peptide conjugates of peptides also present as features on the array.

  • b Blank features are features printed containing only spotting buffer.

  • c The dynamic range is calculated as the ratio of the 95th percentile over the blank feature intensity.

  • d Immunogen rank is the feature corresponding to the peptide immunogen, with 1 being the feature with the highest RFI. Data in parentheses indicate the percentile of the feature corresponding to the peptide immunogen.