Table 3

Correlations between fresh blood and dried-blood spot immunosignatures across storage conditionsa

Storage time25°C37.8°C
CorrelationbImmunogen rankcCorrelationImmunogen rank
Fresh serumNAd2NA2
1 wk0.9540.892
2 wk0.9130.855
  • a Microarray summary statistics were calculated using GeneSpring (version 7.3.1) and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 software. Raw fluorescence intensities from the average of triplicate arrays were used. BALB/c mice were immunized with the FT04-peptide conjugates.

  • b Correlation is the Spearman correlation, which considers only the relative rank of array features.

  • c Immunogen rank is the feature corresponding to the peptide immunogen, with 1 being the feature with the highest raw fluorescence intensity. The top-ranked peptide in this experiment is highly reactive to the detection reagents.

  • d NA, not applicable.