Table 2

SNPs examined in the TLR3 and CD44 genes in the initial and replication studies

Gene and SNPP valuea
Initial genetic studyReplication study
School-aged childrenInfants
  • a Adjusted logistic regression models were used. The P values shown are for genotype 12 (heterozygous variant) or 22 (homozygous variant) compared to the homozygous wild-type genotype (11 = baseline) for IgG or SBA (with significant values shown in bold). Subjects were separated into responders (IgG level of ≥2 μg/ml or SBA level of ≥1:8) and nonresponders (IgG level of <2 μg/ml or SBA level of <1:8) for analysis. The initial genetic study contained 905 individuals, and the replication cohort comprised school-aged children (n = 155) and infants (n = 196). Gray shading denotes SNPs that were not examined in the replication cohort. *, Fisher's exact P value is reported because no responders were observed; **, no wild-type or variant homozygous nonresponders were observed.

  • b With adjustment for age at measurement.

  • c With adjustment for age at measurement and vaccine type.

  • d With adjustment for vaccine type.