Table 2

Comparison of fresh whole blood and antibodies eluted from dried-blood spotsa

Spearman correlationb0.920.870.90
Fold changec
    Raw1.00 ± 0.341.52 ± 0.461.99 ± 0.66
    Normalizedd0.99 ± 0.301.05 ± 0.351.04 ± 0.42
  • a Microarray summary statistics were calculated using GeneSpring (version 7.3.1) and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 software. Raw fluorescence intensities from the average of triplicate arrays were used. BALB/c mice were immunized with peptide conjugates of peptides also present as features on the array.

  • b Spearman correlation considers only the relative rank of two arrays.

  • c The fold change is the ratio of individual features on the fresh sample array to the same feature on the dried-blood spot arrays.

  • d Microarrays were normalized to the per chip median.