Table 1

Specificity of MAbsa

ImmunogenMAbIsotypeIndirect ELISA of EDIII resultIFA result
DENV-1 EDIII5E7A6IgG1++++++++
DENV-1 EDIII5A12A7IgG1++++++++
DENV-2 EDIII4C58A2IgG1++++++++
DENV-3 EDIII2D73A7IgG1+++++
DENV-3 EDIII4A19A2A33IgG1++++++++
DENV-3 EDIII2D13A12IgG2b++++++++
DENV-4 EDIII1E1A7IgG1++++++++
DENV-1-4 EDIII3E31A4IgG1++++++++
DENV-1-4 EDIII5E56A5IgG1+++++++
DENV-1-4 EDIII2B11A35IgG1++++++
  • a The reactivity of each MAb was determined using indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) on C6/36 cells infected with DENV and indirect ELISA of EDIII using recombinant EDIII protein from the four DENV serotypes.