Table 2.

Characteristics of selected dengue rapid diagnostic tests

ManufacturerProduct nameCatalogue no.Lot no.Analyte(s)Standard mark(s)fStorage temp (°C)Quoted accuracy (Sn/Sp) (%)aSample type(s)bAbility to differentiatecFormatdSample vol (μl)Maximum time (min)e
MerlinDengue fever IgG & IgM combo deviceML101-4C04009EIgM, IgGIVD2–3096/98 (IgM), 97/98 (IgG)S, P, WBYesLF130
Standard DiagnosticsBioline Dengue Duo NS1 antigen and IgG/IgM combo device11FK45BD8001NS1, IgM/IgGCE/IVD1–3092.8/98.4 (NS1), 99.4/93.0 (IgM/IgG)S, P, WBYesLF10020
BiosynexImmunoquick dengue fever IgG and IgM0512_K50K50Dg012809IgM, IgGCE/IVD2–3097.6/98.3 (IgM), 95.2/96.6 (IgG)S, P, WBYesW120
Bio-RadNS1 antigen strip707008K0033NS1CE/IVD2–892.3/98.8 (NS1)S, PNoW5015
InvernessPanbio dengue Early Rapid KitR-DEN01P09182NS1None2–8Not statedSNoLF5015
InvernessPanbio Dengue Duo CassetteR-DEN03D09113IgM/IgGCE2–8Serum, CP, 85.1/91.6 (1st), 98.8/91.6 (2nd); plasma, AP, 58.3/45.0 (1st), 100/45.0 (2nd); whole blood, AP, 71.4/91.2 (1st), 77.4/91.2 (2nd); whole blood, CP, 78.6/85.3 (1st), 100/85.3 (2nd)SYesLF1015
  • a Sn/Sp, sensitivity/specificity; CP, convalescent phase; AP, acute phase; 1st, primary infection; 2nd, secondary infection.

  • b S, serum; P, plasma; WB, whole blood.

  • c Manufacturer claims RDT can differentiate between primary and secondary infections.

  • d W, wick style; LF, lateral flow.

  • e Maximum time to confirm a negative result.

  • f IVD, in vitro device; CE, European conformity.