Table 1.

Dengue virus IgM and IgG seroconversion patterns by interval between collection of first and second specimens

Results patternSeroconversion fora:No. of patients by days between samplesb
First sampleSecond sample<30 days≥30 daysTotal
Primary infection
    Pattern 1IgM-neg/IgG-negIgM-pos/IgG-pos28 (20)12 (8)40 (28)
    Pattern 2IgM-pos/IgG-negIgM-pos/IgG-pos27 (21)15 (13)42 (34)
Secondary infection
    Pattern 3IgM-neg/IgG-posIgM-pos/IgG-pos58 (38)5 (1)63 (39)
  • a neg, negative; pos, positive.

  • b Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of patients with second-draw specimens available for IgG avidity testing.