Table 1.

Sensitivity of IDEXX M. bovis antibody ELISA with sera collected from naturally infected cattle

M. bovis-infected serum typendNo. of herdsSensitivity (%)
SourceID or characterizationcLot 1Lot 2Lot 3
Great BritainAHVLA-2a1343174.672.473.1
IrelandNo visible lesionsb50>5484446
With visible lesionsb50>5727070
Skin test positive, Bovigam positive, with visible lesionsb302296.786.790.0
New ZealandAgResearchb42742.940.535.7
NVSL serum banka311248.448.448.4
Overall value478>8963.661.962.6
  • a Infection status determined by histopathology with IS6110 PCR and/or culture.

  • b Infection status determined by culture or presence of gross lesions and/or from a tuberculosis-affected herd.

  • c ID, identification. NVSL, National Veterinary Service Laboratory.

  • d n, number of animals.