Components used for the development of the domestic cat microsphere assaya

AnalyteMicrosphere regionCapture antibodyDetection antibodyStandard
Feline IFN-γ15Goat anti-feline IFN-γBiotinylated goat anti-feline IFN-γRecombinant feline IFN-γ
Feline IL-1033Mouse anti-feline IL-10Biotinylated goat anti-feline IL-10Recombinant feline IL-10
Feline IL-12/IL-23 p4055Goat anti-feline IL-12/IL-23 p40Biotinylated goat anti-feline IL-12/IL-23 p40Recombinant feline IL-12/IL-23 p40
  • a The analyte, capture antibody, detection antibody and standard were from the DuoSet ELISA (R&D Systems). The microsphere region (MagPlex-C microspheres; Luminex) was assigned by the manufacturer based on the ratio of two internal dyes.