Diagnostic accuracy by serotype-specific and group-specific NS1 ELISAs for detection of NS1 in acute-phase sera from patients with confirmed DENV1 infection

NS1 assayNo. of samples positive by indicated ELISA/total no. of samples tested (%)
Dengue patient seraNondengue febrile patient serabSera from healthy individuals
Serotype- specific NS1 ELISA
    DENV1147/153 (96.1)0/30a (0.0)0/7 (0.0)ND0/106 (0.0)3/500 (0.6)
    DENV20/140 (0.0)25/30a (83.3)0/7 (0.0)ND0/106 (0.0)1/500 (0.2)
    DENV30/140 (0.0)NDc4/7 (57.1)NDND1/500 (0.2)
    DENV43/140 (2.1)ND0/7 (0.0)NDND5/500 (1.0)
Group-specific NS1 ELISA150/153 (98.0)ND6/7 (85.7)ND0/106 (0.0)1/500 (0.2)
Panbio NS1 ELISA147/153 (96.1)25/30a (83.3)NDND0/106 (0.0)0/200 (0.0)
  • a Results were presented in our previous studies (12, 20).

  • b One hundred six acute-phase serum specimens obtained from patients with other flavivirus or nonflavivirus infections, including 48 samples from patients with Hantan virus infections, 38 samples from patients with measles virus infections, and 20 samples from patients with leptospirosis.

  • c ND, not detected.