Table 2.

Analysis of the liquid chromatography (FPLC) protein complexes isolated from a mixture of cyathostomin third-stage larvaea

Antigen peak and size (kDa)Cutoff valueAUCPS (%)SP (%)PLRNLR
P1 (51)0.48500.9820.0019298460.08
P2 (29)0.49650.9850.0019294150.08
P3 (15)0.48150.9820.0019291100.09
  • a The cutoff point for each antigen was established on the basis of the highest values achieved for the AUC (maximum 1), S (sensitivity, 0 to 100), SP (specificity, 0 to 100), PLR (positive-likelihood ratio; elevated numbers are expected), and NLR (negative-likelihood ratio; low values are expected).