Table 2.

Characteristics of GXM MAbs

MAbGXM used for immunizationIsotypeSerotype reactivityReference(s)
3C2Serotype CIgG1A, B, C, and D3, 19, 25
471Serotype AIgG1A, B, C, and D3, 19, 25
339Serotype BIgG1A, B, and D3, 19, 25
1255Serotype AIgG1A, B, and D3, 12, 19
F12D2De-O-AaIgG1bA, B, C, and D7
  • a De-O-A, de-O-acetylated GXM of serotype A.

  • b The F12D2 MAb used in this study is a subclass switch variant (IgG3→IgG1) of MAb F12D2 described in reference 7.