Table 1.

Strains used in this study

Yr isolatedIsolateGroupSTccfHbpSitecPresentation, age
1998M98 253564C1111ΔT36618278BloodPneumonia, 77 yrs
2000M00 242764C1111ΔT36618278BloodFever/sepsis, 4 wks
2000M00 242809C1111ΔT36618278T/aspMeningitis/sepsis, 43 yrs
2005M05 240072B1111ΔT3661No IDNo IDBloodFever/fatal, 60 yrs
2006M06 241270B1111ΔT36618278Blood?UTIe, 1 yr
2007M07 241093C1111ΔT36618278BloodNK, 73 yrs
2008M08 240254B1111ΔT36618278BloodMeningitis, 28 wks
2008M08 240409C1111ΔT36618278K/aspArthritis, 44 yrs
2008M08 240270C766411ΔT36618278BloodSepsis, 43 yrs
20010030/01BNK11ΔT3661No IDNo IDCSFNK, 26 wks
2001M01 240074C1111f/lb18278BloodMeningitis/sepsis, 44 yrs
2008M08 240219B162162ΔA65022121CSFMeningitis, 25 wks
2008M08 240039B162162f/l 22121BloodFever/rash, 6 yrs
2008M08 240374B162162f/l 22121BloodFever/cough, 3 yrs
2007M07 240804B162162f/l 22121BloodFever, 49 yrs
1999M99 240160B4019NAaNDdNDNDNDN/pRash/fever, 15 wks
1999M99 241177B4019NA ND ND NDNDN/pSepticemia, 16 wks
2001M01 240630B1867NA ND ND NDNDCSFMeningitis/fever, 30 wks
2001M01 241604B3009NANDNDNDNDBloodRash/fever, 2 yrs
2001M01 242298B286NANDNDNDNDBloodSeptic shock, 30 wks
2001M01 242525B1867NANDNDNDNDBloodNK, 19 wks
2007M07 240677B1867NANDNDNDNDCSFNK, 23 yrs
2001M01 242006B1867NAf/l34459BloodSepticemia, 12 yrs
2001M02 240629B1867NAf/l34459BloodMeningitis/fatal, 2 yrs
2006M06 240136B286NA f/l 34459N/pRash, 15 yrs
1975M98 252404B456NAf/l 22424NKNK
1998M98 253393B1276NA f/l 33030BloodMeningitis, 22 yrs
1998M98 253573B1276NA f/l 33030BloodFever/unwell, 17 yrs
1999M99 240371B1276NAf/l 1No ID327BloodMeningitis, 74 yrs
  • a NA indicates that the cc belongs to the proposed cc286.

  • b f/l, full length.

  • c Body site from which the isolate was recovered. N/p, nasopharynx; T/asp, tracheal aspirate; K/asp, knee aspirate; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; NK, not known.

  • d ND, not detected.

  • e ?UTI, suspected urinary tract infection.