Table 2.

The opsonic bactericidal activities of MAbs from different groups against B. pseudomallei and B. mallei

GroupGroup characteristics (specificity and reactivity)No. of MAbs tested for opsonic activity againsta:
B. pseudomalleiB. mallei
TestedWith strong activity (%)TestedWith strong activity (%)
BAnti-B. pseudomallei and anti-B. mallei capsular PS2112 (57)104 (40)
CAnti-B. mallei LPSND94 (44)
EAnti-B. pseudomallei and anti-B. thailandensis LPS73 (43)ND
GAnti-glycoprotein of all Burkholderia species except for B. thailandensis80 (0)80 (0)
HAnti-protein of all Burkholderia species plus P. aeruginosa and E. coli20 (0)20 (0)
  • a ND, not done.